Library of instructions for ABB Robots using COMPAS RRC Driver.

Main features

  • Provides a simple way to interact with ABB robots

  • Supports futures and blocking calls

  • Builds on top of COMPAS FAB.

COMPAS RRC runs on Python 2.x and 3.x as well as IronPython.


COMPAS RRC is part of the COMPAS framework and it requires the core library and the robotic fabrication package COMPAS FAB.


First install the pre-requisites in a conda environment:


Make sure to change ENVIRONMENT_NAME to a name of your choice

conda create -n ENVIRONMENT_NAME compas_fab python=3.7
conda activate ENVIRONMENT_NAME

And then install COMPAS RRC:

pip install git+


Make sure you setup your local development environment correctly:

  • Clone the compas_rrc repository.

  • Install development dependencies and make the project accessible from Rhino:

pip install -r requirements-dev.txt
invoke add-to-rhino

You’re ready to start working!

During development, use tasks on the command line to ease recurring operations:

  • invoke clean: Clean all generated artifacts.

  • invoke check: Run various code and documentation style checks.

  • invoke docs: Generate documentation.

  • invoke test: Run all tests and checks in one swift command.

  • invoke add-to-rhino: Make the project accessible from Rhino.

  • invoke: Show available tasks.

For more details, check the Contributor’s Guide.


This package was created by Philippe Fleischmann <> @fleischp at @ethrfl