class compas_rrc.MoveToRobtarget(frame, ext_axes, speed, zone, motion_type='J', feedback_level=0)[source]

Bases: compas_rrc.motion.MoveGeneric

Move to robtarget is a call that moves the robot in cartesian space with explicit external axes values.


# Get frame and external axes
frame, external_axes = abb.send_and_wait(rrc.GetRobtarget())

# Print received values
print(frame, external_axes)

# Change any value and move to new position
frame.point[0] += 50
speed = 100 # Unit [mm/s]
done = abb.send_and_wait(rrc.MoveToRobtarget(frame, external_axes, speed, rrc.Zone.FINE))

RAPID Instruction: MoveJ or MoveL


For additional help, check the ABB Reference Manual.


__init__(frame, ext_axes, speed, zone[, ...])

Create a new instance of the instruction.


parse(msg, msg_type)

Parses a msg in various possible input formats and tries to return an instance of the class that wraps it.