RosClient.follow_joint_trajectory(joint_trajectory, action_name='/joint_trajectory_action', callback=None, errback=None, feedback_callback=None, timeout=60000)[source]

Follow the joint trajectory as computed by MoveIt planner.

  • joint_trajectory (compas_fab.robots.JointTrajectory) – Instance of joint trajectory. Note: for backwards compatibility, this supports a ROS Msg being passed as well.

  • action_name (string) – ROS action name, defaults to /joint_trajectory_action but some drivers need /follow_joint_trajectory.

  • callback (callable) – Function to be invoked when the goal is completed, requires one positional parameter result.

  • errback (callable) – Function to be invoked in case of error or timeout, requires one position parameter exception.

  • feedback_callback (callable) – Function to be invoked during execution to provide feedback.

  • timeout (int) – Timeout for goal completion in milliseconds.


CancellableTask – An instance of a cancellable tasks.